We offer various packages for our tour, the duration is catered to explore the best of north and south of Raja Ampat. Snorkeling and diving with our boat to the best sites Raja Ampat has to offer.
Our packages include,

7 Days @ US$ 1,100.-*

10 Days @ US$ 1,400.-*

*price per person,
include : fullboard, airport/hotel transfers
exclude : marine park entrance fee, snorkeling sets, transit hotel Itinerary →

5 Days @ US$ 1,100.-*

10 Days @ US$ 1,700.-*

*price person,
include: speedboat, meals BLD, homestay, guide, airport transfers
exclude: marine park entrance fee, snorkeling sets, transit hotel

Km - Raja Ampat Adventures

Specification :
Length x Width : 20m x 5m (2016)
Capacity : 12 persons + 5 crews Engine : 1 x 6 Cylinders Diesel Engine
Generator : 3Kw
Facility : Sun & Canopy Deck, Main Room Accommodation, Kitchen, 2 Bathroom + Toilet
Nav-Comm : GPS, VHF, AIS, SSB

The itineraries for our packages is mostly arrange for 7 and 10 days tours. We cater our trips to visit the best spots for snorkeling and diving, to maximizing your time and experience in Raja Ampat.

7 days 6 nights liveaboard north/south Raja Ampat ( + )

10 days 9 nights liveaboard north/south Raja Ampat ( + )


7 days - north Raja Ampat

Day 0 : Arrival
Day 1: Waisai - Kabuy bay
Day 2: Kabuy - Selpele
Day 3: Selpele - Wayag
Day 4: Wayag - Pyanemo
Day 5: Pyanemo island - Waigeo island
Day 6 : Waigeo island - Batanta island
Day 7 : Return to Waisai/Sorong, trip finish.


10 days - north Raja Ampat

Day 0 : Arrival
Day 1: Waisai - Kabuy
Day 2: Kabuy - Selpele
Day 3: Selpele - Wayag
Day 4: Wayag
Day 5: Wayag - Pyanemo
Day 6 : Pyanemo
Day 7 : Pyanemo - West Gam
Day 8 : West Gam - Batanta
Day 9 : Batanta - East Gam
Day 10 : Return to Waisai/Sorong, trip finish.

Located in the heart of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat islands had become one of the richest marine life destination. Here you can see a wide range of species in fish, corals and birds. For you who likes to go out with nature, this place is one spot you would not miss. We are offering our trip packages to discover and explore all of these places.

As part of our excursions program, we will explore by snorkeling a wide area of various snorkeling sites. To snorkel all of the nicest reef as we pass along while enjoying the excursion. There are mangroves with crystal clear water and have corals growing, also walls and patch reefs. Snorkeling the area will offer you an unlimited exploration and discovery.

Raja Ampat have so many sites to snorkel with and we are taking you to the best snorkel sites on our excursions. Science have proved that Raja Ampat have a unique underwater life, and during the trip you will get the chance to experience different type of snorkel sites, from white sandy beaches to open sea, snorkeling mangrove reefs coral garden mangroves, bays, caves and channels all have beautiful and unique underwater life. Snorkeling under the forest reefs and snorkeling with the pelagic like mantas, and if you are lucky you could expect to snorkel with whales and dugong. On our trip you will get the experience to explore all this snorkeling sites.

Most of the snorkel site is white sandy beaches with reef slope ranging from 1 - 30 meters, the reefs are alive and abundant with many kinds of fish. With visibility average 30m year round, by snorkeling you can already enjoy a wide range of underwater view in every snorkel sites.

On our trip, you will get the chance to go diving in the best diving spot in northern Raja Ampat. As we Along the coast we will visit villages and people with their traditional culture and craftman. Going culture and exploring the landscape filled with tropical forests and reefs is another type of excursion we offer.

Another program is to spot several kinds of birds which is endemic in Papua. Spotting the birds in their habitat and going for an easy treking to the local waterfall.

During excursions we will take you to explore and tgo trekking the beatiful landscapes of the islands. Trekking up stream to a local waterfall and go for birdwatching is some activities you can while on excursions. These locations is located in remote local villages and the condition vary from easy to moderate to trek.

On different package we could also organize a land tour to see the leather back turtle in West Papua northern mainland. This is special trip 3 - 4 days departing from Sorong to a local village to see the leatherback turtle. This trip can be done on special seasons, please contact us if you are interested to do the trip.

Located at the western tip of the birdshead peninsula in West Papua - Indonesia, we are a travel tour operator which based our activity around the southern part of Waigeo island in the Raja Ampat.

The tour is to explore by excursion on simple liveaboard, snorkeling and diving around the Dampier strait between Waigeo and Batanta islands and to the southern part of Misool islands in Raja Ampat. A basic trip where things are simple and adventurous, excursing, snorkeling and diving during the day and staying overboard or local homestays during the night.

For the last 15 years since we started the operation we have gain experience and knowledge about the area and know where to be best for every trip. Now we operate our own private boat for trips and keep upgrading our services for our guests, while keep offering economical packages with high value.

Raja Ampat consist of hundred of beautiful islands.

The northern islands of Raja Ampat host some of the best landscapes and underwater sites, from Waigeo to Wayag and Batanta islands, we will explore all the best it can offer. Housing some of the richest reefs in Dampier strait, we will snorkel and explore each reefs on our tour.

The southern islands of Raja Ampat also host beautiful landscapes and underwater reefs, a well protected area which offer great snorkeling and diving for every enthusiast.

Raja Ampat Adventures

Hp./Wa +62-813-5628-1139 (Deni)

Email: denirajaampat@gmail.com

How to get there

There are several ways to get to Raja Ampat, this depends on where you are coming from, and each entry ports have their own advantages. To fly to Raja Ampat there 4 international airports available in Indonesia, this is Jakarta, Makasar, Bali and Manado. These airports are easily accessible from all parts of the world. The good entrance is through Singapore, and from here you can fly direct to either of the airports with several direct fligths. Please contact your travel agents for the best routes.


You can obtain your visa on arrival for USD 25 for 30 days, if you want to stay longer than 30 days, you need to get visa from the Indonesia Consulate embassy as this cannot be issued on arrival.

Travel Permit

When entering Papua we provide you with pravel permit (free) which will be issued by the local police station, pleaseprepare the following requirements :
- 2 copies pass fotos
- 2 copies of passport id and arrival visa stamp

PIN - Personal Identification Number

A regulation setup by the local government, conservation organizations and other stakeholders for managing tourism in Raja Ampat. Each tourist is required to buy an entrance PIN which is valid for one year at USD 75.- (Rp. 1.000.000,-). The fund will fo to several programs organized by the government and the stakeholders.


As we are located near the equator, sun protection is necessary. Insect repellant is needed for protection to common insects. Malaria is present in Papua, please refer to your physician for the best prevention.

Covid-19 Protocol

In response to covid-19 pandemy the Indonesian goverment is still currently applying travel restrictions for foreign travellers until further undetermined time, we will keep updating for the latest info on this travel policy, please contact us for further info.


Average weather is good yearround, there is no rainy seasons. There will be couple of time rainfall everyweek during the whole tear period with average distribution highest on July. Month June and July is considered rainy seasons in Indonesia. The period June = July and December - January will be a bit windy and the rest of the period will be steady. The seas will be very smooth during the non wind period and visibility average 20 - 30 meters. Water temperature from 26 - 28 Celcius, air temperature 31 - 33 Celcius.


To make things easier and enjoyable, below is some stuff which you might consider to have on the trip, Snorkel sets, headlamp, binocular, hammock, trekking sandals and underwater torch.



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