Located in the heart of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat islands had become one of the richest marine life destination. Here you can see a wide range of species in fish, corals and birds. For you who likes to go out with nature, this place is one spot you would not miss. We are offering our trip packages to discover and explore all of these places.

As part of our main excursions program, we will explore by snorkeling a wide area of various snorkeling sites. To snorkel all of the nicest reef as we pass along while enjoying the excursion. Most of the snorkeling sites are shallow to moderate deep, typically the reefs is found on a slope ranging from 0 - 30 meters with good visibility and current. There are mangroves with crystal clear water and have corals growing, also walls and patch reefs. Snorkeling the area will offer you an unlimited exploration and discovery.

Raja Ampat has lots of world class dive sites, on our trip we will take you to dive and explore some of these dive sites. The boat have sets of compressors and dive tanks for up to 6 divers, and a certified divemaster to guide the diving. We provide two dives per day on our trip, and the rest of the day for excursion with the boat. The dive sites are manageable and good for all level of divers. The reefs are well protected, ranging from 0 - 30 meters deep. Housing plenty kinds of fish and creatures and also aircraft wrecks, these diving will take you to see one of the best reef wonders.

Land Tour
Along the coast we will visit villages and people with their traditional culture and craftman. Going culture and exploring the landscape filled with tropical forests and reefs is another type of excursion we offer.

Another program is to spot several kinds of birds which is endemic in Papua. Spotting the birds in their habitat and going for an easy treking to the local waterfall.