Raja Ampat have so many sites to snorkel with and we are taking you to the best snorkel sites on our excursions. Science have declared that Raja Ampat have a unique underwater life, and during the trip you will get the chance to experience different type of snorkel sites, from white sandy beaches to open sea, snorkeling mangrove reefscoral garden mangroves, bays, caves and channels all have beautiful and unique underwater life. Snorkeling under the forest reefs and snorkeling with the pelagic like mantas, and if you are lucky you could expect to snorkel with whales and dugong. On our trip you will get the experience to explore all this snorkeling sites.

flying above coralsMost of the snorkel site is white sandy beaches with reef slope ranging from 1 - 30 meters, the reefs are alive and abundant with many kinds of fish. With visibility average 30m year round, by snorkeling you can already enjoy a wide range of underwater view in every snorkel sites. We also sometimes likes to take advantage of the currents flowing along the reefs, with this current you can just snorkel and relax with longer range of coral reefs along the beach to explore and the chance to see more big fishes.

If you like you can also go snorkeling the sites in the evening, this can be done while we park our boat close to an island or village. Snorkeling in the evening is also interesting, you can get the chance to see different life on the reefs. Please bring your underwater lamp if you also plan to snorkel in the evening.

snorkeling karst island