raja ampatMost of the trip we will be staying on the liveaboard for overnights, but occasionally we spend our night near villages and deserted islands, you will have the option to spend your overnight in these places.

The boat will be our main accommodations for overnights, there will be one main room with 8 beds to accommodate all guests. The boat have one toilet bathroom and supplied with fresh water. The room is spacy and you can have comfort sleeping. Meals is served on board three times per day with mostly healthy Indonesian food prepared by the chef. Sun deck is available with enough space and a deck canopy is also available.

On our trip we will be passing beautiful beaches with nice coral reefs, most of this beaches is close to a village and some of the villagers is running simple homestays nearby. If you are interested you can have the opportunity to spend the evening staying in these homestays for overnight. The homestays are traditional wooden bungalow with attached roofs  made traditionally from local material, they have a separate bathroom and main kitchen to serve the meals. The bungalow is built on top of the beach and its always cool during the day and breezy during the night.

Deserted Island
For you who just like to go out there and spend the night in the beaches on a deserted island, just pack your hammock and sleeping bag. As we park our boat near this beautiful deserted island we will have barbeque and campfire on the beach, and if  you like you can stay in the island for overnight.