How to get there
There are several ways to get to Raja Ampat, this depends on where you are coming from, and each entry ports have their own advantages. To fly to Raja Ampat there 4 international airports available in Indonesia, this is Jakarta, Makasar, Bali and Manado. These airports are easily accessible from all parts of the world. The good entrance is through Singapore, and from here you can fly direct to either of the airports with several direct fligths. Please contact your travel agents for the best routes.deserted island

You can obtain your visa on arrival for USD 25 for 30 days, if you want to stay longer than 30 days, you need to get visa from the Indonesia Consulate embassy as this cannot be issued on arrival.

Travel Permit
When entering Papua we provide you with travel permit (free) which will be issued by the local police station, pleaseprepare the following requirements :

- 2 copies pass fotos
- 2 copies of passport id and arrival visa stamp

PIN - Personal Identification Number
A regulation setup by the local government, conservation organizations and other stakeholders for managing tourism in Raja Ampat. Each tourist is required to buy an entrance PIN which is valid for one year at USD 74.- (Rp. 1.000.000,-). The fund will support several programs organized by the government and the stakeholders.

As we are located near the equator, sun protection is necessary. Insect repellant is needed for protection to common insects. Malaria is present in Papua, please refer to your physician for the best prevention.yuyu

Average weather is good yearround, there is no rainy seasons. There will be couple of time rainfall everyweek during the whole tear period with average distribution highest on July. Month June and July is considered rainy seasons in Indonesia. The period June = July and December - January will be a bit windy and the rest of the period will be steady. The seas will be very smooth during the non wind period and visibility average 20 - 30 meters. Water temperature from 26 - 28 Celcius, air temperature 31 - 33 Celcius.

To make things easier and enjoyable, below is some stuff which you might consider to have on the trip, snorkel sets, headlamp, binocular, hammock, trekking sandals and underwater torch.


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